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Lotto 247 is the one-stop shop for lottery games played all over the world. It is a lottery player's dream come true, as they have so many exciting games to choose from, including games they may not have access to where they live.

The game choices at Lotto247 include U.S. Powerball and EuroMillions, Keno, instant win and scratch card games. When it comes to both Powerball and EuroMillions, visitors to the site can easily choose their numbers, when they want and how many cards they want to play. With quick pick choices and the ability to choose each number they are betting on, players can customise their lottery experience.

Players seeking out a game of Keno must choose between the 9 or 12 versions of the game. Nine and 12 signify how many numbers players have to choose for each bet. The next step is then to decide which way to pick their numbers and the number of draws they want to bet on. Then they press play, sit back and hope for the best.

Instant Win and Raffle Games

The site also runs raflle games for occasions such as the Spanish New Years. Players must choose whether to buy a single raffle ticket or a book of tickets. The winning numbers for each raffle are always posted afterwards.

The instant win games are a fun and quick diversion from playing the lottery. As arcade type games, they provide players with a chance to squeeze some fun into whatever spare time they have during their day. The games players have to choose from are Bingo 75, Lotto Machine, Snakes & Ladders, Skulldiggery, Cashtrovators, Hidden Hoard, Pumpkin Master and Star Match. Each game has a demo mode that can be played to help someone determine if they want to play the game again with real money.

Scratch cards also provide a diversion from the typical lottery games. Players' choices include Halloween Scratch, 100,000 Cash, Full Bloom, Raid the Piggy Bank, Super Shamrock and Footie Frenzy. Each game has a demo mode feature as well as a payout table. Players can choose whether they want to purchase one, five or 10 cards for a particular game.

Any player that has questions about the site can contact customer service by live chat or email. Submitting a support ticket gets players a response in a timely manner, making Lotto 247 convenient for even busy players.


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