Free Welcome Bonus & No Deposit Required Explanation

FREE Welcome Bonus

So you are looking for FREE welcome bonuses so you can boost your playing time and your chances of winning by effectively using the Casinos money. Good strategy.

Most online casinos will offer a welcome bonus, they do this to encourage players to sign up and play their games. More often than not, the bonuses are offered to new players i.e. you have never previously registered with that casino.

Securing your bonus is generally straight forward. Trusted and licensed casinos have made their registration processes very slick over the years and you could be playing with your bonus after 2-3 mins.

Online casinos compete extremely hard to secure new players and that is why some of the welcome bonuses are sky-high. Some offer basic 100% match like-for-like, where they will match whatever you deposit, effectively doubling your bankroll so you get double the playing pleasure.

But if you look hard enough, you will find casinos offering 200% or even 300% matched welcome bonuses.

Free Spin Bonus

You should also keep your eyes peeled for FREE Spin welcome bonuses. You will find lots of UK Casinos and European Casinos offering free spins for their slot machine games. These typically range from 10 free spins to 200 free spins, with most offering 50 or 100 spins.

And yes, it does mean what it says, you will get an allocation of free spins just for registering a new player account.

However, you need to be aware that some of these free welcome bonuses come with caveats or wagering requirements.

At this point you may be thinking that free welcome bonuses are great, and they can be. You just need to watch out for the limits they allocate to these offers or that you may be limited to playing certain online games.

As you look at the casino offers, you will notice wording such as “up to £100”. This means you will only receive a free welcome bonus to a maximum of £100. Keep looking though, big casinos such as 888 casino have been offering limits up to £1,500. That is a great way to get a lot of the casinos money to play with, of course you may need to deposit £1,500 to get your hands on this.

Promo Codes

Another area to keep a close eye on is “promotional codes”. Adverts on the casino websites have a habit of displaying the welcome offer in big fonts with bright graphics. However, to claim the welcome bonus you need to enter promotional codes (or promocode) such as “welcome2018” into a form field. If you don’t do this, there is no guarantee you will secure the bonus.

The final thing to be wary of is wagering requirements. Whilst the casinos will give you free money to play with, you will find wagering requirements in the small print or hidden in T&C’s.


Top 10 tips when looking at FREE welcome bonuses, consider the following:

  • Look at the T&Cs, free welcome bonuses are usually for new players only
  • Look at the % of the match being offered, there are some going up to 320%
  • Look at the limits attached to the bonus, some might offer 200% match but to a limit of £100
  • Look for free spin welcome bonuses, these tend to be given as additional sweeteners
  • Look at the big casino brands, they can afford to give the best welcome bonuses
  • Look at the caveats closely, you might only be able to use the bonus to play certain games
  • Look for new online casinos, they want to sign-up new players and offer good bonuses
  • Look at the wagering requirements, you may not be able to withdraw winnings from free bonuses easily
  • Look for promocodes, they are sometimes not as obvious as the main advert
  • Look for maximum winnings, there may be a limit as to what you can win from the welcome bonus

Now you have read about free welcome bonuses, you will want to know about No Deposit required casinos.


No Deposit Required Casinos

Perhaps “no deposit required” bonuses are the holy-grail of the casino world - a players dream. True and genuine no deposit casinos will offer players free money or free spins to play with. There is no need for a player to deposit their own cash to get access to these bonuses.

Again, these free no deposit offers tend to be reserved for new players only i.e. those who have never played the particular casino before. All that is required to claim the offer is to sign up for a new account.

“No deposit required” is one of the most popular Google search terms. Seasoned players or those just wanting to trial an online casino game seek out these rare and often lucrative rewards to minimise their risk of losing money.

Google Trends graph of No Deposit Casinos

Google Trends for “no deposit casino”


Google Trends illustrates an explosion of interest in “no deposit casino” since January 2016 which is making competition harder for the casino, but there is still good news for players, as some casinos are offering these bonuses to attract new players. If you Google, you will find a variety of casinos giving away “free money” – of course, we don’t mean this literally as there are always gaming T&Cs to contend with.

Still, this is a great way to experience a new casino or games before you dip into your own pockets to make a deposit.

Maximum Bet Size

As mentioned previously, no deposit offers usually come in the form of free money or a number of free spins deposited into your account. Many casinos attach conditions such as the maximum size of bet is reduced when the “no deposit” amount is in play, with increased limits only coming into effect once you make your first deposit.

The no deposit amounts tend to be a lot smaller than the welcome bonuses discussed above. Why? Well the casino is in effect making a loss straight away. They are relying on players enjoying the casino experience and the games so that they will deposit their own money to continue playing. Only at this stage do the casinos have a chance of making their money back.

If you are new to online casinos, then in general, it is best to test your skills with one of the no deposit casinos. There are many online casinos in the UK that you can use for a trial.

Claiming Your No Deposit

Registering should take no time to do. Most casinos only ask for your name, email, DOB, a telephone, address and username/password. On occasions, your bank account details may be required for verification purposes.

Once registered, you normally find that your free deposit is put into your account very quickly, allowing you to get playing straight away. We recommend that you seek out as many of these free no deposit required offers before you start playing with your own money. If you do continue to play, then please do so responsibly.

Remember, when you have used all the free funds or spins, you can always walk away.

We mentioned before to watch out for promocodes (or bonus codes) which draw you into a casino. These are designed to be highly attractive to get you to sign up. But if you don’t include the promotion code during the registration process, the chances are you will never receive the free deposit or free spins.

There is a saying “there is no such thing as a free lunch”, well this can be applied to the no deposit required bonuses as well. Nine of ten times there is a wagering requirement that must be satisfied before you can withdraw any winnings as a result of playing with the free deposit.


Top tips on no deposit casinos:

  • Google for “no deposit required casinos”, they are rare, but do exist
  • Look out for casinos with the biggest free bonus offer
  • Test out as many no deposit casinos as you can before spending your own money
  • Get a feel for the games you like playing by signing up without depositing any cash
  • Demand for no deposit casinos appears high at the start of the year, casinos should be offering deals throughout
  • Look out for casinos requiring you to enter a promocode to receive the free funds/spins
  • Look out for the maximum bet size you can play with the free deposit
  • Look out for the wagering requirements, you might not be able to withdraw your winnings easily
  • If you do continue to play, then please be responsible

We hope you enjoyed reading this overview of Free Welcome Bonuses and No Deposit Casinos. We would welcome you feedback or for you to give us your experiences of these types of offers.


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