What Casino Games Give You A Chance To Win Big

There are different casino games that shall be intriguing to the newbie players who enter a casino. A casino in the Vegas Strip would be like a candy shop to the child, and would make anyone go starry eyed. But the fact is there is no specific game that can be the only big paying out, rather there are certainly a few types of games which can do so.

In order to know the best casino games to win big, one has to study a bit before making the foray into a casino.

Top Paying Casino Games

This is the first thing that comes to mind when you say ‘High Payout’. Most of the online casinos offer around 95% and more of RTP and house edge is not more than 3%. Few types of table games are universal across all the casinos like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker and all of them are great in terms of payouts.

  • Blackjack: So, let’s take Blackjack and know that on an average, the house edge is just 1% for this game and this is also across all the online casinos. That means the more the players bet, the more chances of winning. The motto is not to exceed the card value total beyond 21 and this requires a little bit of mathematics, which sets this game apart.


  • Baccarat: You can try playing Baccarat, which is in many ways similar to Blackjack. The main aim is to reach 21 and though there are no specific strategies to use to change the card values, but it is intuition that gives the game that popularity.


  • Craps: The Craps is ideal for those who have a fair understanding of table games and who wishes to enter more complicated games and level up. In order to win better odds at casino games, players can go for Craps. The game has on an average house edge of 0.60%. The game is all about rolling dice and the players who have betted for PASS will win if the dice rolls out 7 or 11. If the dice gives 2, 3, or 12, then it is CRAPS and the players who have betted for PASS will not get anything positive. There are more to the game and it is actually fun once you get the hang of the game.


  • Roulette: The other popular table game that gets huge popularity among the best casino games to win big is that of Roulette. The game gets American and European as the two big variants. They are equally enjoyable and have a huge payout percentage as well. The house edge that the game gets is 2.7% and it is actually quite a smart game to master.

Those who have a love for slot games feel that only these slot machines shall be interesting vis-à-vis the table games. But no, the table games are also equally entertaining.

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