What Are The Best Paying Casino Games

What Are The Best Paying Casino Games

Casino games are a roller coaster of fun gaming experience for players. However, in practical sense, the odds are stacked in the casinos favour, a term called the house edge. This is how a casino earns their profits.

Games with the low house edge are indirectly the games, which have the best pay. The percentage of a good-paying game ranges to a maximum of around 5%. There are games with the house edge up to 30% house edge, automatically falls into the category of worst paying games. Let us now see the casino games that pay the best.

List of best paying Casino Games:

  • Blackjack: It is considered to be as one of the most well-liked games of any popular casinos. Starting right from the game setup to the popularity of the game, everything is ultimately backed by an unbelievably lower house edge, which is just 1% and is considered the best paying casino game of all. This margin is undoubtedly so low yet the casinos manage to earn hefty revenue with the game, all thanks to the popularity and the numbers of players indulge in playing the game. It has 44% to 48% in every single hand of winning chances as a probability.


  • Craps: It is reputed to be one of the most challenging games for a casino gambler. More often than not, new comers do face a pretty tough time in getting up to the feel of playing the game. The beginners can easily master this dice game by playing and placing different kinds of bet in various board slots. As for any casino, Craps undoubtedly offer the second best odds and offer good house edge of 0.60% while some casinos just might give a little more than 1%. A feature in the game called as a pass line, almost assures that all gamblers earn a minimum wagers irrespective of prior gambling experience. Thus, Craps allows the players to be motivated and gather experience before indulging in higher bets.


  • Roulette: It is a casino game, which takes the third position in the best odds of winning list. It is one of the casino games that pay the best. The game has a pretty straightforward rule and can be played by players of all experience and skills. The game is all about spin and numbers, and the players are required to place their bets, and the dealer will spin to see if a win is scored or not. With almost all the global casino hosting the game has a house edge of 2.7% for single zero versions and 5.26% for double zero entrants.

These were three of the most popular games which give the best pay outs to players. The parity and fairness of these games ensure a lot better pay over many other games such as a wheel of fortune and slot machine games.

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