What Are The Best Five Blackjack Hands For Beginners

Every new and intermediate player, hole carders, sequencers, trackers, card counters, always have a question in their mind. Do you want to know the problem and the answer to it? Do you belong to this group? This article will help you understand the theoretical and mathematical value for different types of starting hands. It does not stop there; you can also know about the best blackjack hands to play.

What Are The Best Five Blackjack Hands For Beginners

When it is referred to "types of hands" it means, splits, double downs, soft totals, and the hard totals which are used in the primary blackjack strategy. The best Blackjack hands to play are outlined below:


The best blackjack hands to play are the natural 21. In a 21 game, the payment for a usual 21 is 3:2. This means 1 ½ times the player’s actual bet amount. It will have one ACE and one ten value card namely (K, Q, J, or 10). This blackjack hand hardly loses and always let you make the game draw or win. Thus, the theoretical and mathematical value is the best.

SOFT 20 

The two card total is at the time when a will have a soft total of (Ace-nine). The total value of this is approximately 0.8 of the actual original value. Similar to two card sum of twenty. This means that over a long time, the player can gain up to $80 for each of his $100 wagerings. This will require the player to twice at the time the index value of seven reaches making use of the USTON APC calculation. Such double may look natural sometimes; however when the pit is inspecting carefully, then it is best to stay with the play. 


The Ace-Seven is the soft 18, and the value is close to 0.4 time the actual bet value of the player. He can win $40 for every $100 wagered. The player must follow the accustomed index numbers and must twice the bet at the time of the actual count is more than 22.


Hard 11 is another best blackjack hands to play, and the two card total is the hard total of eleven. The combinations can be any one of the following

  • 6-5
  • 7-4
  • 8-3
  • 9-2

The Hard 11 will add up to 0.6674 of the actual bet value placed by the player. For every $100 wagered you will get $66.74. The player needs to trail the accustomed index numbers and increase the bet value by two times when the exact count is more than sixteen. This can help you win, and the chance of such occurrence is 97%.


When the two card total is twenty will offer $80 for every hundred dollars wagered. Hard 20 can happen when two ten’s are collected. The player must remember not to separate the 10’s.


Remember that every starting hand will have a value linked to it. It is the percentage of the bet that is lost or won on the standard. The hand value can be obtained based on the trader's open card and the first two cards in the transaction.

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