Poker: Everything You Need To Know About Poker From Beginner To Expert

Your Ultimate Poker Guide A Book That Let’s You Win Every Poker Game!

If there’s one thing you need to know about the game of poker is that it starts in the mind. To win every game, one must know their numbers and sharpen their instincts. Poker is an exciting card game that everybody can enjoy! And today, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and become a better player! In this book are top essential tips that will help you get ready to hit the tables.

All you need is a pocket full of patience, and a keen attention. And just like any other game, a huge amount of preparation is needed in order to achieve success. What you’ll love about this book is that it reveals the 12 top secrets of poker that you can use as weapons for every game that you will have to play.

And there’s more! Below Are 7 Topics Covered In This Book: - Poker Hand Ratings - Personalities of Players - Bluffing your opponents - Observing and Reading Your Opponent - 21 Secrets to Dominating the Table in a Game of Poker - Let’s Talk Poker – Common Terms Explained - The Reasons for Betting in Poker It doesn’t end here! Above are only bits and pieces of information contained in this book, and if you want to get the full benefit you need to start reading and implementing the time tested strategies inside this book. Remember, to be the best, you need to practice like the best. 

Author: Ian Dunross Get This Book Now

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