Poker Books: "Pokers Winning Mindset" and "Poker Strategy"

“Poker Books: Two of the best poker books written. Master a game theory optimal and mathematic formula to win any game” is a book designed for poker players looking to gain a deeper understanding of poker strategy as well as mastering game theory optimal, both of which are vital for winning any game of poker!.

These two books focus on understanding the mindset you need in order to be effective in the long term as well as breaking down probability, pot odds, equity, expected value, combinatorics and more in a step by step fashion to ensure you win every hand! If you’re someone feeling lost at the tables, are trying to make sense of the current poker landscape, or are just ready to get an edge at the tables, this book is for you. Drawing on over 14 years of experience, and over a million hands played, this book spends time breaking down the fundamentals, while helping you determine which style poker game is right for you.

Inside these two amazing books you will find •Inside you will find •A primer on probability and why you should be thinking about it every time you pick up a deck of cards. •The two most common ways to determine pot odds and card odds as well as what exactly they mean to you. •How to determine the right course of action for any hand at any time through the magic of equity. •The best ways to maximize your expected value with every play and why it is so important to do so. •Cbetting, double barreling, 3betting, 3betting light and squeeze play strategies that anyone can master. •And much more… •How to use GTO to determine the best strategy to ensure you won’t be pushed around at any table, no matter the skills of your opponents. •How range and equity work together and why you can’t utilize one without thinking about the other. •The most effective way to determine your own range in order to keep the opposition guessing. •How to bring minimum defense frequencies into play to ensure that your game remains unexploitable. •The importance of fold equity and why you need to consider it more often. •And more…

If you’re ready to turn your hobby into a career, or just want to see positive gains in your bankroll, these two books were written for you.

Author: Ryan Harrington Get This Book Now

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